Doepfer MBP25 Midi Basspedal Electronics NO PS

The MBP can be used to connect two basspedals with 13 keys each (Fatar PD/3) to obtain a 25 key basspedal in a very economic way.

One of the two pedals has to be shortended by one key as one of the "C" keys is redundant. Fortunately the PD/3 pedals use a plastic frame and can be shortened with passable effort. In the user's manual the shortening and wiring of the two bass pedals is described. A bit mechanical skills and suitable tools are required (soldering iron, saw, screwdriver). Both pedals have to be mounted on a common base plate and a suitable case (e.g. made of varnished wood) can be added. The base plate and the case are not included and have to be added by the customer. The MBP25 electronic kit is already prepared to connect a third pedal with up to 8 keys so that even bass pedals with up to 33 keys are possible. In this case the upper "C" of two pedals has to be removed.

Features of the MBP25:

  • 6 black rectangle momentary buttons (about 12 x 22 mm) with integrated LEDs (similar to MKE) to adjust the parameters (e.g. Midi channel, transpose, mode), measures of the complete button area about 76 x 22 mm
  • - 3-digit LED display (about 19 x 38 mm) for parameter display - two connectors for basspedals (compatible to Fatar PD/3)
  • fully polyphonic
  • Midi In, Midi Out (connected via 30 cm long cables to enable the mounting of the sockets at the desired position)
  • The data appearing at the Midi in are merged to the data generated by the MBP25. Consequently the MBP25 can be connected to a Midi keyboard to add the basspedal data to the keyboard data.
  • power supply socket on board, in addition a 2-pin connector is available to connect another power supply socket near the Midi sockets
  • a 3-pin connector is available to connect a rotary or fader potentiometer that transmits Midi volume, even a foot controller (e.g. FP5) can be connected.

Remark: The MBP25 is not suitable for the dynamic basspedals PD/2A manufactured by Fatar. For the PD/2A the MKE in combination with a suitable adapter board can be used. The PD/2A are equipped with solid steel frames and cannot be shortened in such an easy way. The connectors of PD/2A and PD/3 are not compatible. The connectors of MBP25 are only PD/3 compatible.

Electronic basic knowledge is required to install the MBP25 electronic kit and to connect the controlling elements. If you are not sure if your knowledge is sufficient please consult an expert.



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