Doepfer A-112 Sampler / Wavetable Module

Doepfer A-112 Sampler / Wavetable Module

Module A-112 is the combination of a voltage controlled 8 Bit Sampler and a wavetable oscillator. On top of it the module is able to generate some special effects.

A-112 was designed as an additional sound source with the typical sounds of the early 8 bit samplers and is not comparable with the modern polyphonic MIDI samplers available on the market.

Sampling mode:

  • 8 bit audio resolution
  • 128kB memory in 2 banks 64kB each (equivalent to 2 seconds of sampling time for each bank with 32 kHz sampling rate)
  • audio input with attenuator
  • overload display in record mode (gate LED)
  • possibility of MIDI Dump to store sounds in a computer via MIDI
  • non volatile memory for the 2 samples in the module
  • manual tune control for adjustment of sampling rate for record and play
  • CV input (~ 1V/Oct), - both manual tune and CV determine the sampling rate respectively the pitch (pitch range is 5 octaves)
  • gate input (not a trigger: the sample starts at the positive edge of the gate signal and is played as long as gate is high or until the end of the sample is reached)
  • manual Gate button
  • non filtered audio output (thus quantizing noise can be used as an element of the sound intentionally)

Wavetable mode:

  • special appearance of the sampling mode when playing a sample
  • the audio input is now used as a second control voltage input for moving through the sample in 256 byte wide loops (wavetables)

To achieve the typical wavetable oscillator sounds the sampling memory must contain corresponding wavetable data (normally loaded via MIDI dump). These data contain a set of wavetables with different harmonic content (e.g. a filter sweep) to get the typical wavetable sound while moving through the tables via CV2. But you may also use a "normal" sample and go through the sample with CV2 to obtain partially amazing sounds never heard before.


Additionally the module offers - in a way free of charge - some effects like delay, reverse delay, pitch shiftinng or freeze. But it has to be pointed out that due to the 8 bit audio reolution these effects are not comparable to high quality effect units and should be understand as an extra for nothing. The A-112 is not an effect unit !

The sampling time of the A-112 is about 1...30 seconds corresponding to a sampling frequency range of about 60kHz...2kHz (64kB@60kHz ~ 1 s, 64kB@2kHz ~ 30 s).

Power consumption: 50mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V

Depth: 100mm

HP : 10

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  • A-112


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