Cwejman VCO-2RM Oscillator

Cwejman VCO-2RM Oscillator

Two identic very warm and phatt oscillators which remind us of the Oberheim Xpander. When compared to a Minimoog Voyager (with filter fully open) we and Vladislav Delay could hear NO difference between Moog and Cwejman! The internal pre-patched frequency modulation is also very nice, just turn the control and enjoy the brilliant sound without patching... One of our best sellers.

The circuit is identical to the first VCO of the Cwejman S1 so you can use the module as an LFO, too. Additionally there´s a pre-patched hi-quality ring modulator which you can also use with externals signals of course. Each VCO has a positive and inverted output which provides only one waveform at the same time but 7 different waveforms are available, three of which (!) feature pulse width modulation.

Generally all Cwejman modules are shielded from interferences and contain lots of calibration possibilities on the backside.

OSC 1 Out OSC 1- Out RM Out OSC 2 Out OSC 2- Out OSC1 FM 1 In OSC1 FM 2 In OSC1 FM 3 In OSC1 PWM In OSC1 Sync In OSC2 FM 1 In OSC2 FM 2 In OSC2 FM 3 In OSC2 PWM In OSC2 Sync In

HP : 20

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