Cwejman VC-SC Stereo Compressor

Cwejman VC-SC Stereo Compressor

The compressor module VC-SC is the stereophonic brother of Cwejman´s VC forward compressor.

It´s the first of its kind because so far no manufacturer developed a fully voltage controlled compressor, even more not in stereo! This gives completely new and very precise control possibilities eg. in connection with sequencers. The audio quality conforms to highest studio requirements!

  • mode:
    • auto gain: compression in the range of +24 to -6 dB with a fixed output level at +6 dB at maximal ratio
    • threshold:compression variable in the range from -15 to +15 dB
  • knee: sharp or soft character of gain reduction. "Soft" imitates the behavior of opto-compressors
  • makeup gain from -15dB to +15dB
  • attack times: 200µs - 250 ms
  • Release times: 0ms - 8s
  • ratio ranging from "off" to limiting (infinite ratio)!
HP : 18


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