Cwejman NS-4 Noise-SampleHold-Lag

Cwejman NS-4 Noise-SampleHold-Lag

The NS-4 features two modules in one. On the one hand a noise generator with different colors and on the other hand a sample-and-hold generator with an internal lag (= slew limiter) and internal LFO.

The analog noise generator delivers white, pink and red noise at three separate outputs. The S /H generator is always triggered by the internal LFO which rate ranges from 0.1Hz to 500Hz and is controlled manually or with a 1V/octave control voltage. The LFO can be re-triggered by any (!) external signal.

The S/H uses the internal noise signal for sampling but also accepts an external signal which level can be adjusted by a potentiometer. Afterwards the S/H signal passes a slew limiter stage. Its slew time ranges from 0.1Hz to 1kHz and can be set with a control or a CV.

Both CV inputs have attenuators so you can set the modulation intensity manually.

Generally all Cwejman modules are shielded from interferences and contain trimmers on the backside for calibrating the module - in the case of the NS-4 you can adjust the LFO rate.

HP : 10


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  • CWNS4


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