Cwejman MMF-2 Stereo Multi Mode Filter

Cwejman MMF-2 Stereo Multi Mode Filter

The module Cwejman MMF-2 is a stereo multimode filter. It can be used as a true stereo filter or like two independent filters. Besides the cwejman´esque clean sound the filter has a switchable saturation stage allowing you for creating distorted wild sounds. Lots of filter types, voltage controlled parameters and also the dry/wet parameter make this filter a complex tool for sound processing.

The two independent filters LEFT and RIGHT are 4-pole multimode filters i.e. they have a slope of 24dB/octave. Per filter there are individual outputs for lowpass, bandpass and highpass.

The main outputs "left" and "right" are switchable between six filter types: lowpass; low-/bandpass; bandpass; band-/highpass and notch. Besides that it is possible to bypass the filter in the seventh switch position.

The cutoff frequency of both filters can be controlled simultaneously with the "master cutoff" potentiometer. The resonance control of the left filter can be used as master for the resonance of the right filter by the flick of a switch.

The saturation stage hast three operating modes: hard, soft and off. In hard mode the even harmonics are dominant, in soft mode the odd harmonics. Saturation can be set pre- or post-filter with the according switch. Wich filter bypass activated you can still saturate the signal ans thus use the MMF-2 as an independent distortion.

The MIX parameter controls manually and with CV the relationship between unprocessed signal and the filtered and/or saturated signal of the main outputs. The individual outputs won´t be affected by the mix parameter!

Generally all Cwejman modules are shielded from interferences and contain lots of calibration possibilities on the backside.

HP : 26


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  • CWMMF2


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