Cwejman DP-2 Dynamic Processor

Cwejman DP-2 Dynamic Processor

The Cwejman DP-2 is an entirely voltage controllable dynamic processor consisting of two function blocks: an "one-knob-action" compressor and a mute circuit connected in series.

The compression ration reaches from 1:1 over limiter function to infinite. The higher the compression the higher is internal makeup gain for compensationg the gain loss when compressing. The compression in dB and overload is displayed by a chain of LEDs. if desired you can activate soft knee compression.
An envelope follower with the time parameters attack and decay controls the compressor.
There is a side chain input that has a switchable 12dB/octave steep lowpass/highpass filter. The cutoff frequency in the filter in the side chain path processes the audio signal that is fed to the envelope follower. By the input Return socket you can input an external signal and even process it by the HPF/LPF.

The mute is controlled by a input signal that generates a gate, depending on thr threshold setting. The gate itself fires an attack-decay or attack-release envelope that ducks the audio signal. The depth potentiometer controls how much the signal is being muted. A side chain filter, same as in the compressor section, is integrated as well.

Both the compressor and the mute are realized by a single high end VCA that provides for low distortion and low noise.

HP : 28


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  • CWDP2


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