Cwejman CTG-VC Transient Generator

CTG-VC, a single complex voltage controlled transient generator.

The envelope generator provide control voltages that can be used for dynamic change of all voltage controlled parameters, such as; frequency, amplitude, pulse width, cutoff. The most common use is controlling filters cutoff frequency and a voltage controlled amplifiers amplitude in order to achieve dynamic timbre- and level-changes. All parameters such as attack time, attack hold time, decay time, sustain level, release time and output level are voltage controlled.

The CTG-VC is a complex transient generator with a lot of features, such as; two different shapes for the attack, attack hold (A-HOLD) for punchier sound than a standard attack, variable decay slope (D-SLOPE) from natural exponential to heavy logarithmic, attack-decay loop (A-D LOOP) and polarized level for outgoing transient signals which means that both outputs levels are controllable in both directions (positive and negative).

The A-D LOOP switch activates, when ON, a steady state attack/decay generator and the rate is determinated by attack/decay time and attack/decay modes. The external signal alone in the A-D RESTART input starts a single A-D transient for every new external signal A-D RESTART period (every shape). The SUSTAIN LEVEL should be in position 0.

ZERO RESTART resets (when ON) the remaining release voltage for new gate signals so attack starts always from 0.


  • ATTACK time: 0.05 msec to 10 seconds
  • ATTACK mode: logarithmic/exponential (EXP), switched
  • A-HOLD: 0.5 msec to 2 seconds
  • A-D LOOP ON; continious LFO, Attack/Decay or activated by an external signal
  • DECAY time: 0.5 msec to 20 seconds
  • DECAY SLOPE: exponential to logarithmic, manually adjustable
  • SUSTAIN level: 0 to 5 Volts
  • RELEASE time: 0.5 msec to 20 seconds
HP : 14


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