Cwejman BLD 2 bass and drum module

Cwejman BLD 2 bass and drum module

The BLD 2 has all components and functions necessary for generating bass, lead and drum sounds but with focus on bass drum sounds.

The BLD 2 contains a main sound generator (Oscillator), a noise generator and modifiers such as low pass filter, amplifier and two transient (contour) generators.

The oscillator has two manual pitch controllers (FINE, COARSE) and two inputs for controlling the pitch by external signals: FM1 (levelled, bipolar pre-patched to transient generator AR) and FM2 (calibrated to 1 Volt/octave). Waveforms and mix between shapes is controlled manually from triangle, mix between triangle and pulse, pulse, mix between pulse and saw tooth and saw tooth. Oscillator level is controlled manually from 0 thru nominal signal strength to saturated (curved, for more punch). Pulse width is controlled manually and by an external signal (PWM).

The low pass Filter has two audio inputs marked OSCILLATOR LEVEL and NOISE LEVEL. The CUTOFF frequency is controlled manually, transient generators AR and AHR and by CUTOFF pre-patched to FM2 CV input.

The noise generator is connected to the low pass filter and to the amplifier (NOISE LEVEL). The noise generator can be routed in to the amplifier (PRE) or directly to the output AMP (POST). The noise generators level is also controlled by pre-patched AR generator thru input NOISE LEVEL.

AR and AHR transient generators are activated manually by the push button TRIG and/or by an external signal(input TRIG). Attack, Hold and Release are manually controlled and by an external signals connected to inputs A1, R1 (AR) and A1, HOLD and R2 (AHR). AMPLIFIERs gain is controlled by mix of AR and AHR and by an external signal connected to the input VELOCITY.

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