birdkids Raven Voice

birdkids Raven Voice

Raven is a fully analogue semi-modular voice.

The module combines the simplicity of a performance-friendly, semi-modular synthesizer voice with fully-modular, infinitely flexible, workflow possibilities by assigning Control Voltage I/O’s at (almost) every point in the signal workflow. Each modular component can be seen as a standalone, self-sufficient entity.

The VCF can be bypassed to allow for a VCO (I+II Sum) to VCA operation and thus used as a standalone VCF or third voice in self-oscillation, perfectly tracking 1V/Oct by choice. 


  • Dual, wide-range Voltage Controlled Oscillators
  • The original TheBateleur Voltage Controlled Filter
  • Two Voltage Controlled Amplifier outputs: A high-performance THAT2162 Blackmer VCA and an Optocoupler VCA

HP : 42

Article n°

  • BKbnRVN



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