Analogue Systems RS-370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator

Analogue Systems RS-370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator

The mighty RS-370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator can be used as a digital 6-voice additive polyphonic synthesizer and/or as a six-voice polyphonic MIDI/CV/Gate interface.

The unit has several modes with different functions and different use of the CV and gate sockets that can be either inputs or outputs. For example in polyphonic MIDI mode the unit is a polyphonic additive synthesizer and at the same time a six-fold polyphonic MIDI/CV interface with CV and gate outputs. In polyphonic analog mode the CV and gate sockets turn into inputs and you can now control the synths with CVs! in the display based menu you can set many parameters of the module, like the waveforms of the fourr oscillators per voice and their detune amount, the levels and times of the multistage envelope with 10 segments (!), LFO parameters etc. The oscillators´waveforms are sine, triangle, saw, square and the additive synthesis with 32 harmonics, each adjustable in level and phase. With the RS 375 expander you can modulate he levels by CVs. Waveform morphing is possible, too. There are 30 modulation destinations for the analog modulations (1 knob and 3 control inputs). In addition 16 MIDI modulations are possible Used as a MIDI/CV converter the RS-370 masteres 1V/octave or Hz/V, normal gate and S-Trigger and even a trigger with adjustable length.

All modules by Analogue Systems come ready to use with five years warranty mounted in the by the customer preferred rack or cabinet.

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Power consumption: 370mA

Depth: 89mm

HP : 36

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  • AORS370



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