ACL - System 1 (Discontinued)

ACL - System 1 (Discontinued)

ACL System 1 is a preconfigured stereophonic modular system with high quality components. It is housed in a EVZ-1 case with the strong KAZU power supply and EVE1 busboard which results in extremely clean sound.

Two Variable Sync VCOs with very clean FM serve as audio generators, followed by a creamy and fat sounding Dual State Variable VCF for sound sculpting. The extremely snappy X3 Envelope module and the QLFO perform modulation duties. Thanks to the Dual Delay you can create complex echo effects. The stereo image can be modified by the VC Panning Amplifier and the M/S Matrix module. Finally the Audio Interface module brings perfect integration within studio or stage environment.

ACL System 1 includes following modules :

Power supply: KAZU
EVE1 - busboard
20 Patchcables
Weight: 4200g

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  • ACLSys1


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