Haken Audio Continuum Full Size incl. intern EaganMatrix Expander

The Haken Audio Continuum Controller is a three-dimensional MIDI controller with integrated sound generation.

With this instrument, polyphonic sliding sounds can be played dynamically by pressure and in vertical position. Internally Continuum has a synthesizer with atmospheric and drastic sounds. The fingerboard simultaneously processes data on the X, Y and Z axes for one to a maximum of 16 fingers. X (left to right) transmits the pitch for each individual note. This parameter can range from light vibrato to dramatic note intervals across the entire playing surface. One inch on the X axis corresponds to a range of 184 cents (73 cents per cm).

The complete tone range of the Fullsize Continuum Fingerboard corresponds to almost eight octaves. Each finger contact on the playing area generates Y value (up/down) and Z (pressure) for the touch dynamics.



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  • HACfsEX


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