Frap Tools CGM Creative Mixer Master

Frap Tools CGM Creative Mixer Master

The CGM Creative Mixer is a modular mixing solution for eurorack modular systems, designed to obtain a flexible setup, providing all the tools you may need in studio and during a live performance, as well as everything you may want to control via CV.

The MASTER sub-module of the high-quality, expandable CGM Creative Mixer system is the final stereo output stage, handling the master mix of all connected channels and groups. It controls the output volume of the outputs and also activates the pre fader listening for the integrated headphone output which has a PFL/main mix balance. And finally it is equipped with a stereo VU meter.

The CGM module Master sums all stereo signals of the connected Group modules and their aux returns. The sum output are the two white marked sockets on top.
The final level of the Master is adjusted with the big potentiometer. Two LED chains form the VU meter, displaying L and R signal levels.

The blue marked section is the PFL (pre fader listening), its stereo signal being output at the 3.5mm headphone socket above the VU meter. The PFL volume is set with the lower blue potentiometer while the upper one blends between man mix (white) and PFL (blue).

Marked in purple is a stereo aux input that's gain is controleld with the "purple" potentiometer. The blue highlighted button sends the aux input signal to the PFL headphone mix.

For understanding: a Master is only necessary if several Group modules are to be summed to one stereo mix.
The PFL function available for each Channel and each Group is activated only with the Master module using its headphone output.

Contained is a Link Cable for connecting one Group module to one Master. Optionaly available are cables for connecting up to four groups.


aux input (stereo), stereo output, left mono output, right mono output

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