Analogue Systems RS-260 Quantiser

Analogue Systems RS-260 Quantiser

This quantiser module corrects voltages according to the chromatic semitone scale i.e. one volt is divided into 12 voltage steps of same size (1/12V).

This is handy when you want to play tonally with your sequencer, sample and hold or any voltage generator. Beyond this the RS-260 allows for transposition and has two operation modes. The module can quantise over a range of five octaves, e.g. it allows voltages in the range of 0-5V, including both input voltages that are mixed linearly. The offset control sets a fixed transposition of maximum 2 octaves (0-2V); a separate CV input makes transposing by a voltage possible, for example to transpose the quantised sequence.

There are two operation modes: FREE RUN and GATE: 1. In free run mode the quantisation takes place when the change of voltages at the input(s) changes enough to move from one semitone to another. 2. In gate mode the module will quantise only when it receives a pulse (or a trigger as the rising slope is detected) and the quantised value will be held until the next trigger is received. As soon as a quantisation takes place a trigger will be output at the according socket. In gate mode this happens of course only when a gate/trigger is received. The quantised signal is present at the output socket, triggers and gates will be visualised by LEDs.

All modules by Analogue Systems come ready to use with five years warranty mounted in the by the customer preferred rack or cabinet.

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