ACL - VC Dual Delay

ACL - VC Dual Delay

The VC Dual Delay is composed of two identically designed echo processors. Each channel comes equipped with an audio input plus level control. The delay time can be set via potentiometers. For rate modulations, there is a control voltage input with bipolar attenuator and damping switch per echo channel. The damping switch reduces the CV input's sensitivity by a factor of ten.

The VC Dual Delay’s feedback potentiometers can be set to positive or negative values. High-pass and low-pass filters with a slope of -6 dB per octave allow users to trim feedback signals. A special highlight: Feedback material can be tapped in front or behind the filters, processed by external circuits and then fed back into the feedback paths.

The VC Dual Delay’s routing section comes equipped with two switches. One of the control elements is used to select parallel or serial wiring of the echo channels. The other switch lets the user choose between separate or cross feedback routing. – A great feature for creating swirling stereo effects.

Audio and CV inputs of Echo A and B are normalized. Thanks to this, mono signals can be easily enriched by stereo effects. In addition, the normalizations simplify the equal processing of two-channel material. When cables are plugged into the sockets of Echo A and B, the delays operate independently of each other. A dry / wet control has been deliberately omitted. – The VC Dual Delay is more of an experimental sound design tool than a “crude echo source”. However, using a multiple and a mixer, dry / wet functionality can be quickly “retrofitted”.

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