ACL - Discrete Multistage VCF

ACL - Discrete Multistage VCF

The Discrete Core Ladder VCF comes equipped with three signal inputs plus dedicated volume controls. Levels above 8 Vpp result in saturation effects. The filter itself features cutoff and resonance potentiometers. In addition, there are three CV inputs plus attenuators.

Two channels influence the cutoff frequency. The third control voltage input is wired with the resonance parameter. Furthermore, there is a 1v / octave connector. While self-oscillating, the circuit can be played chromatically over a range of five octaves.
The resonance behavior is adjustable via a three-way switch. More precisely, the control element can be used to set the cutoff frequency of a high-pass filter, which is situated in the module’s feedback path. As usual with Ladder designs, high resonance values lead to an attenuation of the bass frequency range. To compensate this characteristic trait, the Discrete Core Ladder VCF was equipped with a boost knob. Filtered audio material is emitted via four outputs with different slopes and phases, in detail:

  • -6 dB edge steepness per octave, no phase shift
  • -12 dB edge steepness per octave, 90 degrees phase shift
  • -18 dB edge steepness per octave, 180 degrees phase shift
  • -24 dB edge steepness per octave, 270 degrees phase shift
HP : 18


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